The Palace Project

Title: The Palace Project
Artist: Joas Nebe with VG Bildkunst and Arsny
Curator: Joas Nebe and OFAM
Start: 10 July 2020
End: 7 August 2020
Status: Temporary Exhibition
Format: Video

The Artist_ Joas Nebe

Born in Hamburg and currently based in Southern Germany, Joas Nebe is a self-taught artist who holds degrees in psychology and literature. As an artist, he took part in collective and solo exhibitions as well as residencies in different countries. He has also taken on curatorial works. With a heavy influence from psycology, Nebe's art practice focusses mainly on video art, although he has also explored painting and sculpture.

Twitter: JSNebe

The Exhibition Overview_ The Palace Project

Online Fine Arts Museum proudly presents artist Joas Nebe's video-art piece The Palace Project. The piece belongs to the artist's series on rooms and this time different palace rooms are shown as if they were seen on a theater stage. The artist thus invites us to enter the palace and peek into the rooms and the intriguing minds of each and every character on the show.

The Palace Project is a series of stage experiences for the audience sitting in front of the show getting into the dreams created by the author, players, scene creators, light technicians, etc. The piece revolves around the cliché of ancient places or buildings such as palaces and castles. Places which should have vanished long ago because the life styles, belief systems and goverment structures which supported them have disappeared many years ago. Maybe this is exacty why we love visiting castles and palaces —because there is so much room to project ones own dreams and imaginations of how this ancient times would have probably been mixed with the fantasies that spring from thinking how our lives would look like had we been born in those times.
Joas Nebe

The Exhibition_ 

This exhibition ended on 7 August 2020. More exhibitions at OFAM.

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